This year we have been able to bring out specific guidelines for the conduct of CDE and is approved by the State Executive.These Guidelines have been well accepted and it is definitely a milestone. Apart from more than 100 Branch level and Inter-Branch CDE`s the STATE CDE WING were able to conduct two State Level CDE Programmes.

The 1st State Level CDE programme was held on 16th July 2006 at IDA Hall,Calicut.It was organized directly by the State CDE Wing in association with the Dept.Of Paedodontics,Govt.Dental College,Calicut.The programme titled `THE ABC OF CHILD DENTISTRY`coverd all aspects of Paediatric Dental Care.The programme was well appreciated and the CDe Wing whole heartedly thank Dr.Ramakrishnan,Dr.Sheela Sreedharan,Dr.V.P.Kannan,Dr.Anupam Kumar and Dr.S.Madhu for their informative sessions .
The 2nd State Level CDEprogramme was held on 24-9-2006 at Hotel Park Central,Kochi.The programme was hosted by IDA Kerala State CDE WING.The programme was inaugurated by Dr.Celso Fernandez(Hon.Sec.CDE,IDA Head Office).Three Erudite speakers Dr.Aravind Shenoy,Dr.Gunaseelan and Dr.C.K.Asokan speak on topics of intrest to the practising dentists.The programme was well attended and the sessions were thought provoking.
As CDE convener of IDA Kerala State I thank President Dr.V.Viswanathand Secretary Dr.M.Raveendranath for their guidance and support.Thank you one and all. Yours in IDA

Dr.Shibu Rajagopal.

State CDE Convenor.

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