President: Dr.Premkumar G.K

Secretary: Dr.Raveendranath.
Dental Speciality Clinic
High way road Taliparamba
Ph:0460-2205136(O) 205743(R)

Minutes of Annual General Body Meeting held on 21st November2004 at Varkala.

List of Members attended

Hon. Secretary Dr.M.Raveendranath collared the president, Dr.G.Premkumar and requested him to call the Annual General Body Meeting of IDA Kerala State for the year 2003-2004 to order.

The president called the meeting to order at 10Am followed by silent prayer. Dr.G.Premkumar welcomed the gathering. President in his Presidential address explained the reasons and decisions of 6th Executive meeting for the earlier starting of AGM. President congratulated and thanked the Attingal branch for hosting the Kerala State Dental Conference in a remarkable manner.

Adoption of Agenda.

President sought permission of the house to take Agenda no.12- Election of Office Bearers for the year 2004-2005- as first Agenda. The circulated agenda was adopted, proposed by Dr.Sreekumar Nambiar and seconded by Dr.Samual K Ninan

President invited Screening and Scrutinising Chairman Dr.Raju Kurian Ninan for conduction of Election.
President adjourned the meeting for election.
President reconvened the meeting at 12 Am.

Agenda - 1 Confirm the minutes of the AGM for the year 2002-2003.

Circulated minutes were passed which is proposed by Dr.Sabu Kurian and seconded by Dr.Anil.

Agenda - 2 To consider action taken on the minutes.

Since not many actions were marked, President switched over to the next agenda.

Agenda - 3 Presentation of Audited Accounts of IDA Kerala State , for the year ending 31st March 2004.

Dr.Babu Cherian, past treasurer of IDA Kerala State in the absence of Dr.Dinesh Nambiar, presented the audited accounts. The circulated accounts was passed which was proposed by Dr.Charls K Thomas and Seconded by Dr.Sasikumar

Agenda - 4 Adoption of Annual Report of IDA Kerala State for the year 2003-2004

The circulated Annual report was adopted.

Agenda - 5 To consider and adopt the report of the editor a?? KDJ, for the year 2003-2004

Editor Dr.C.V.Pradeep presented the report of KDJ. He thanked the State President- Dr.G.Premkumar Hon.Secretary Dr.M.Raveendranath, Assistant Editor Dr.Dinesh Nambiar and Dr.Naveed Sait for their support. He informed the house that he was planning to release four issues of KDJ in the coming year. He requested help from all the members for getting advertisements. He also informed the sale of Lucky Dip coupon was not satisfactory and only Rs.44400/- was collected. Later he requested the President to take the lot of lucky dip. President took the lot and announced Dr.Thomas Eapen of Central Kerala Branch as the winner

Agenda - 6 Presentation of accounts of KDJ 2003-2004.

The audited accounts were presented and was proposed by Dr.Poul and seconded by Dr.Kannan

Agenda a??7 Report by the CDH Chairman

CDH Chairman Dr.Santhosh Sreedhar presented the CDH report for this year. This year CDH wing has undertaken many new projects in addition to the continuation of routine projects like National Oral Health programme, Teachers training programme, Dental education seminars, Camps etc
a). Oral Hygiene day was celebrated on 1st August 2004.
b). Patient Education Leaf lets were distributed to all members.
c). Many branches have adopted Orphanages and old homes for dental treatment.
d). Beautiful smile photo contest was conducted.

Agenda - 8 Report by the CDE Chairman

Dr.Civy V Pulayath presented the CDE report. In his report he mentioned that two State level CDE programmes were conducted directly by the state and seven State level CDE programmes were conducted by the branches. He also mentioned that basic guide lines for conducting CDE programmes were formulated and circulated to branches. He informed that all together 120 CDE programmes were conducted this year. He congratulated IDA Central Kerala, IDA Trichur and IDA Pathanamthitta branch for their excellent work. He made few suggestions to be followed in coming years.

Agenda - 9 Report by SSS chairman

SSS Chairman Dr.Joaquim Kunju presented a brief report and thanked all members for the Co operation extended to him. And wish all the best to his successor.

Agenda - 10 Report by PPS chairman

Chairman Dr.M.C.Mohan briefed the activities of PPS and thanked all the members for making PPS a grand success.

Agenda - 11 Report by the Sub Committees

Secretary Dr.M.Raveendranath submitted the reports of conference guidelines committee . He informed the necessity for further debate on few proposals of the subcommittee and decided to recirculate the recommendations in branches. Allotment of conferences on Zonal basis which was approved in 6th Executive meeting was presented in the house and the house accepted the same.

Agenda -12 Election Result Declaration

Since election results were not ready President switched over to next agenda.

Agenda - 13 To decide the Venue for the next State Dental Conference.

Since South India Conference was approved earlier Secretary informed the house that there wona??t be any annual conference hosted by branch in 2005.So the house decided to consider the application for hosting State Conference for 2006.
IDA Palakkad branch, IDA Karunagappally Branch and Ida Kochi Branch applied for the conference . Considering the zonal consideration annual conference of 2006 is allotted to IDA Palakkad branch.

Agenda 15 To consider the resolution brought forward by the Executive Committee
No resolutions. President switched over to the next agenda.

Agenda 16 To consider the resolution brought forward by the individual members
No resolutions. President switched over to the next agenda.

Agenda -12 Election of Office Bearers a?? continued
After counting of votes President declared the results, which are follows.

For President Elect
Dr.V.Viswanath - 258
Dr.Oommen George - 171
President declared Dr. V.Viswanath as President Elect of 2005-2006

For Vice-President Elect ,/u.
Dr.Jhony Kutty Jacob - 233
Dr.C.k.Ashokan - 190
Dr.Biju A Nair - 158
Dr.K.C.Thomas - 136
Dr.Benny Augestin - 118
Dr.Prasannakumar - 104
Dr.Vinod Varghese Sam- 78
President declared Dr. Jhony Kutty Jacob,Dr.C.K.Ashokan, Dr.Biju A Nair as Vice-President Elect of 2004-2005

For State Executive Committee.
Dr.T.Arun Kumar
Dr.Anil Mathew
Dr.Antony Thomas
Dr.Biju P Sam
Dr.Dileep Varghese Jacob
Dr.Eapen Cherian
Dr.Jaibin George
Dr.Jinu Mathew Vaidyan
Dr.Mathew Joseph
Dr.Mathew G Varghese
Dr.K.N.Pratap Kumar
Dr.Prasad Thomas.M
Dr.Raghuram Gopakumar
Dr.Rajesh V
Dr.Sherry Andrews
Dr.Shibu Rajagopal
Dr.Savio M Thelly
President declared as executive committee members elect of 2004-2005

CDH Convenor
President declared Dr.Chandramohan as CDH Convener for the year 2004-2005

For CDE Convenor
President declared Dr.Nirmal George Saibu as CDE Convener for the year 2004-2005

Agenda 19 Any other matter with the permission of the chair
As there was nothing more to transact the meeting was adjourned for valedictory function.

Dr.Dr.M.Raveendranath Hon.Secretary a?? IDA Kerala State

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