13. WORKING COMMITTEE(Term is two years)


The scheme shall be known as "SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME" of the Indian Dental Association, Kerala State Branch And will treated as a mutual benefit scheme.

Commencement of the scheme:

This scheme shall be operative with effect from 25/07/1999. Indian Dental Association

Aim and object of the scheme:

To provide financial assistance to the family members of this scheme in the event of his death.


In this constitution unless the context requires otherwise the following words shall mean:

  1. "Indian Dental Association" means Kerala State Brnch of Indian Dental Association.
  2. "Scheme" means Social Security Scheme (SSS) of Indian Dental Association instituted for its members.
  3. "Member" means a member of Indian Dental Association who becomes a member of the scheme.
  4. "Founder member means a member joining the scheme on or before 31st march 2000.
  5. "Working Committee" means the governing committee of the scheme.
  6. Words and phrases used to denote males also include females.

Eligibility of members:

All members of the Indian Dental Association Kerala State Branch are eligible to become a member of this scheme provided he is member of Indian Dental Association with all privileges on the date of application.
Note: the members who joined this scheme before 31st March, 2000 are "Founder Members" of this scheme

Admission Formalities:

The person who is eligible to become member of the scheme shall submit to the working committee in the prescribed form duly signed along with the required document and admission fee as stated below.

Required documents:

  1. Certificate from the local branch Secretary proving two years good standing in Indian Dental Association.
  2. Certified Xerox copy of birth certificate or passport to prove age.
  3. Certified Xerox copy of the Dental Council Registration certificate.
  4. Demand draft according to the age group drawn in favour of "SSS, IDA Kerala State" Payable at.....(Place at which the Secretary of SSS functions).
  5. A copy of the passport size photo.

Admission fees:

  1. Members whose age is below 30 years Rs 700/-
  2. Members whose age is below 40 years Rs 950/-
  3. Members whose age is below 50 years Rs 1200/-
  4. Members whose age is below 60 years Rs 1700/-
  5. Members whose age is above 60 years as founder members only.

Members Contribution:

  1. Every member of this scheme shall pay Rs 100/-(Rupees One Hundred only) every year as annul membership fee.
  2. Life membership:-Any member who pays Rs 1500 as one time payment towards annual membership fee will be a life member from the date of such payment.
  3. Every member of this scheme shall pay fraternity contribution of Rs 250/- on the event of each death of members on demand by the working committee Secretary, out of which Rs 50/- will be credited to the corpus fund and the balance of Rs 200/- shall be paid as per this scheme.
  4. If a member pays every year his fraternity contribution thereafter yet he remains a member of this scheme.

Members rights:

On the event of the death of a member his nominee(s) shall be paid fraternity contribution of Rs 200/- per head out of Rs. 250/- collected from all members of the SSS. If no nominees are alive the legal heirs will get it as per the clause of the claim form.

Members disqualification

  1. Every member of this scheme shall pay his membership fee before the end of each financial year (31st March every year). If member fails to pay his fraternity contribution with in 10 days of the demand notice made by the SSS Secretary he shall be treated as a defaulter and he shall pay an extra amount of Rs 10/- per month there of.
  2. If the default continues beyond the period of 90 days then a notice by registered post shall be issued to such member and if such a member does not pay the demand sum with in fifteen days of the receipt of such a notice then his membership shall stand terminated. This is applicable for annual membership fee also.

  3. If a member produce any wrongful information in his application form or at any time during his membership term by which he violated any provision of this scheme and this he tries to obtain anly benefit under this scheme, them after giving him an opportunity of being before the working committee. If his explanation is not found satisfactory, the working committee of this scheme shall terminate the membership concerned subject to ratification by the General Body of the scheme. After termination of membership of any members he can rejoin the scheme as a new member by paying stipulated admission fees provided admission formalities are satisfied.
  4. If any member, at any time, for any reason ceases to be a member of Indian Dental Association, his membership of this scheme shall ceases automatically. But if such a member revives his membership of Indian Dental Association within a period of six months he can get his membership revived. If he does not get his membership revived within the stipulated period he will be treated voluntarily retired member.

Revival of membership:

A member in the SSS who has been issued a termination notice may readmitted on the following conditions.

  1. Full settlement of all arrears towards the Social Security scheme.
  2. Readmission fee Rs 500/-.

Working Committee (Term is two years):

The management of the scheme shall vest in a working committee consists of

  1. Chairman
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Hon Secretary and President of the State Branch as Ex-officio members.
  5. Member - One member from each branch who is member of the scheme.
  6. Immediate Past Chairman and immediate past Secretary.
The office of the scheme will be located at the office of the Working Committee Secretary of the scheme. The Chairman, Secretary and working committee members shall be elected from the General Body of the SSS. The Treasurer shall be nominated by the newly elected secretary.

General Body:

The General Body shall consists of all the members of the scheme. It shall be supreme deciding authority in the management of the scheme. The General Body shall ordinarily meet once in every year and such meeting shall coincide with the Annual conference of the IDA Kerala State. The decisions are taken by simple majority of the General Body with the quorum of not less than 10% of the total membership. A non-quorum meeting shall be adjourned for 10 minutes and subsequently the non-quorum.

Meeting shall transact the business of the agenda only. However the General Body shall take decisions by2/3 majority of the members present. On issues pertaining to constitutional amendments, constitutional changes and policy matters which thereafter shall be ratified at the general Body of the SSS with 2/3 majority and proper quorum. Requisition meeting of the General body shall be called with signatures of the 10% of the members on the register on that day or by 50 members which ever is less. If there is no quorum for such meeting deemed to be dissolved by the particular requisition. Extra Ordinary General Body meeting shall be called on noticed by members to decide on important emergency matters. The rules of the AGM shall apply to this also.

Working Committee Meeting:

If shall at least thrice in year, out of which, the first WCM shall along with the second State Executive committee meeting and second with fourth Executive committee meeting and the last WCM held on the previous day of the AGM or inauguration. The working committee is empowered to spend not more than 5000/-(Five thousand rupees only) over the budgeted expenditure.

Emergency/Extra ordinary meeting of the Working Committee:

The Secretary of the SSS shall in consultation with the Chairman, convene the emergency meeting of the scheme to transact any emergency matters. Clear 72 hours notice shall be given to members for such meeting.

Function of the working committee:

It shall receive, discuss and amend or approve the reports and accounts by the secretary and the treasurer for the period in between the time of two consecutive working committee meetings. The working committee shall decide in consultation with the members the policy regarding the disbursement and/or investment of the funds at the disposal of the scheme. The quorum of the working committee shall consist of 50% of the members of the working committee including office bearers Viz. Secretary and Treasurer.

Duties of the chairman:

The Chairman shall chair the meeting of the working committee and the General Body. In the absence of the chairman, the Chairman shall be elected from amongst the members present.

Duties of the Secretary:

The Secretary shall carryout the day-to-day functions of the scheme and shall implement the decisions taken by the working committee and General Body. He shall be overall charge of the membership enrolment, fee collection, routine administration besides other duties and functions as specified by the working committee.

Duties of the Treasurer:

The treasurer shall maintain day-to-day accounts of the scheme and summit the accounts for the approval to the working committee. He shall summit a statement of audited annual Accounts and the budget to the working committee, General Body and to the state Executive Committee for approval.


The Chairman and the Secretary of the scheme shall be elected by the General Body of the SSS from amongst the members of the scheme. The Treasurer shall be nominated by the Secretary, whom shall be a member of the scheme and should reside from the same place as the Secretary. The representatives from the local branches are nominated by the local branches, whom shall be a member of the scheme.

Election eligibility of Working Members:

  1. Chairman and Secretary
    1. SSS member who has served as the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Joint Secretary,CDH rep and rep to the state only be eligible to contest for the election.
    2. Chairman/Secretary who has served two continuous terms shall not be considered to contest for the third time for election.
    3. Chairman/Secretary who has served three terms during the membership is not eligible for a fourth election.
    4. Important office bearers whose name appears on the letterhead of the state branch shall not hold office of Chairman/Secretary. Violation of this rule will automatically nullify the election as Chairman/Secretary of SSS. At the time of filling nomination for the above Chairman/Secretary the member should declare "I shall not hold any officer in the State branch except Rep to CC".
  2. Hon Secretary of the State Branch will call for nomination to the post of Chairman/Secretary and conduct the election along with the election of other office bearers.
  3. Working Committee members who fails to attend at least one meeting shall not be nominated for subsequent two years.
  4. If the Chairman/Secretary position bearers vacant due to any reason, senior most SSS member (date of joining the IDA to be the criteria for scrutiny) shall assume office as the Chairman/Secretary. He shall continue in the office till the term of his predecessor.
  5. SSS members vote shall only be counted in the election of Chairman/Secretary.

Accounts and Audits

  1. A separate bank account shall be opened in any nationalized bank or Co-operative bank be operated jointly by any 2 of the 3 office bearers Viz.
  2. Accounts with the bank: On SB account with a Scheduled Bank in the residing place of the Secretary of the SSS. Whenever an amount in the SB Exceeds Rs 15,000/- an amount of Rs 10,000/- should be converted to fixed account for an year in the name of SSS. The above fixed account should not be released for any purpose other than giving to family benefit/Fraternity benefit or to remit back to the reserve working fund.(RWF).
  3. Working fund: There shall be a current working fund (CWF) and the reserve working fund (RWF). These two shall be in the name of SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME (SSS).
    1. Current Working Fund: It shall be in the form of one year fixed deposit account. The amount under this is to be utilized for family benefit up to 3 deaths in an IDA year. Any amount converted from SB account shall be remitted to the reserve working fund.
    2. Reserve Working Fund:
      1. It shall be in the form of fixed deposit for six years. The amount in this RWF is mainly intended to give to the family only in the case if the CWF is not sufficient for disposal. The deficient amount can be withdrawn temporarily for the purpose noted in the CWF. The amount withdrawn should be remitted back six month with interest from the SB account.
      2. 50% of the amount collected towards the scheme during the founder membership period shall be remitted to RWF.
      3. Any amount above Rs 5,000/- received as single payment from a single source such as a voluntary organization (Eg: Lions club, Rotary club) or from the member of the family of Dental Surgeon or from a non-Dental source shall be remitted to RWF.
      4. Continuity membership fee Rs 100/- received after January 1st 2001 shall be remitted to RWF.
  4. The financial year of the scheme shall from 1st April to 31st March for a year.
  5. The working committee shall approve the accounts submitted by the Treasurer duly audited by the Charted Accountant appointed by SSS.
  6. Audited accounts of the scheme passed by the working committee shall be ratified by the executive of the IDA Kerala State and presented in the General Body meeting of IDA, Kerala State.


  1. Every member shall specify his nominee for obtaining benefits under this scheme and more than one nominee are possible.
  2. Legal heirs means nominated heir or heirs, natural heirs like spouse and children and in the absence of them the heirs under any legal succession act or any customary succession.


If it become impossible to carry out the objectives of this scheme and or the members of this scheme in an Extra Ordinary General Body meeting of the members of the scheme convened by the Secretary and attended by the 2/3 majority of the members enrolled in the scheme as on the day of notice, decide by the vote of A? of the members who attended the meeting, the scheme shall be dissolved subjected to the ratification by the General Body of the Kerala State Branch of the IDA and another such Extra Ordinary General Body meeting of the members of the scheme shall there upon decide the financial disbursement of the corpus fund after meeting the liabilities and debts and recovering the assets, keeping in view of the objectives of the scheme, that is mutual benefit and charitable purpose of the members concerned. This decision taken by the Extra Ordinary Body meeting shall be final, legal and non negotiable.

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