2. (Specify the name of the branch in case of branches)
    Shall be under the charge of an Editor who shall be assisted by Journal committee. The Journal is the official publication of H/O or Branches as the case may be. The Journal Editor shall publish only the views of the Association in his editorial.
    1. The Journal committee:

      1. Ex-officio members:
        1. The Editor
        2. The President
        3. The Honorary Secretary General in case of H/O; Hony. Secretary in case of Branches.

      2. Elected members:
        1. One Assistant Editor
        2. One Business Manager
        3. Three other members. The elected members of the Journal committee shall be elected every year by the Central Council, incase of H/O. & Executive Committee in case of Branches.

      3. One representative from among the armed forces shall be in the Board of Consultants in JIDA. (Head Office Journal)

    2. Functions and powers of the Journal committee:

      1. Shall be responsible for the regular monthly of the Journal.
      2. Shall meet once a month ordinarily & along with C.C. meetings.
      3. Shall scrutinise all the articles to be published in the Journal and pass them for publication.
      4. Shall be responsible for the management of the whole business of the Journal, its printing, securing advertisements, distribution of the Journal amongst all category of members.
      5. Shall have the power to form a Board of Collaborators.
      6. Shall reserve five pages in each issue of the Journal for propaganda, organisation and publicity and other special news of the Association to be at the disposal of the Honorary Secretary General of the Association. In the absence of such matters this space can be utilised by the Journal committee for other purposes.
      7. Shall prepare a half yearly statement of the accounts of the Journal to be put before the Central Council through the Honorary Secretary General.
      8. Shall prepare a budget and put it for consideration and sanction at the first meeting of the Central Council.
      9. Shall prepare a yearly statement of accounts for financial year and submit it to H/O Auditor of the Association and put it before the annual general body meeting of the Association through the Honorary Secretary General.
      10. Shall have power to spend money for various things connected with the Journal up to the amount sanctioned in the budget estimate for the year by the Central Council. Beyond this limit the committee has to obtain special sanction of the Central Council before hand.
      11. In the case of branches in all the clauses above the designation Honorary Secretary General may be read as Honorary Secretary of State/ Local Branches and the words Central Council may be read as Executive Committee.
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