1. Rates of subscription:-
      1. Honorary members shall not have to pay any subscription.
      2. Members joining for the first time except Honorary & Student members shall pay an entrance fee of Rs.100/- to the admitting Local/ State Branch or Head Office initially. This applies to Life Members also if they are joining directly as Life Members without being an Annual Member earlier.
      3. Direct Annual Members of Head Office shall pay a subscription of Rs.200/- per year which shall become due on 1st of November every year.
      4. Affiliate members shall pay a subscription of 300 U.S. Dollars for Life or equivalent in pounds/ Rupees.
      5. Direct State branch embers shall pay their subscription yearly as fixed by the State branches and intimated to the Head Office. The State branch shall pay Rs.100/- as Head Office share per head per year for all the annual members on its rolls which shall be distributed as laid down in this constitution. Such contribution shall become due on 1st November, but shall be received by H/O not later than 31st January failing which their rights and privileges shall be suspend. New members joining the Association through a branch, shall pay the full year's subscription irrespective of month of admission in a year; branches shall send full years State/ HO share of subscription.
      6. In case of student members, the State branches shal; pay annually Rs.40/- per member to the Head Office.
      7. State branches shall fix the subscription payable by the members of the Local branch and intimate to Local branch and the Head Office. Local Branches shall fix the subscription payable by the members of the Local Branch & intimate State Branch & Head Office. The subscription of State/ Local Branches shall be decided by the respective Branch AGM/ EOGM.
      8. The Life Membership fee of Rs.3250/- shall be collected by the State/ Local Branches and remitted in full to Head Office & intimated to State Branch. Head Office shall collect Life Membership direct and intimate State/ Local Branches. Head Office will deposit Rs.3000/- in Fixed Deposit and this Deposit shall not be withdrawn on any account. On the death of the Life Member, the Life Membership subscription of Rs.3000/- will be transferred to Members Benevolent Fund.
      9. The Life/ Annual Membership fee prescribed may be reviewed from time to time for new Life/ Annual Members, as recommended by Central Council and approved by AGM/ EOGM.
      10. Life Membership register shall be maintained by Head Office & Branches.
      11. Though Membership subscription can be paid in any part of the year, last date of receipt of subscription to Local Branch is 31st December; State Branch is 15th January & Head Office 31st January every year. Only those members whose subscription is received in H/O on or before 31st January every year are members in good standing. In case of delayed receipt of subscription in H/O; the receipt of payment to the concerned State/ Local branch within the specified date as above viz; 31st December in case of Local Branch & 15th January for direct members of State Branch shall be the deciding issue of membership in good standing.

    1. If a direct annual member does not reside within the jurisdiction of a State/ Local branch, the full sum of Rs.200/- shall be credited to the Head Office.
    2. The Local Branch under the jurisdiction of a State branch shall pay the contribution annually as fixed by the State branch per member on its rolls to the State branch. Out of this the State branch shall pay annually Rs.100/- per annual member to Head Office.
    3. From the subscription received by Head Office, from annual members, the following will be the shares of Journal, CDH, CDE per member.
    4. i) Journal Share Rs.30/- (ii) CDH Share Rs.5/- (iii) CDE Share Rs.3/-
    5. From the subscription received from Student Members.
    6. (i) Journal Share Rs.10/- (ii) CDH Share Rs.2/-
    7. Out of Life Membership fee of Rs.3250/- received in the first year, Rs.250/- shall be distributed as follows to the branches in the first year. The remaining Life Membership fee Rs.3000/- shall be kept in fixed deposit and interest earned shall be divided as follows:
    8. (i) Head Office Rs.100/- (ii) State Branch Rs. 50/- (iii) Local Branch Rs.100/- (iv) In case of direct members of State Branch Rs.100/- to State Branch and Rs.100/- to Head Office.
    9. Over and above this subscription, State Branch in case of direct Life Members and Local Branches shall fix affiliation fee on the Life Members. The Branch is at liberty to fix local affiliation membership fee on life members on annual basis or as one time collection as passed by their AGM/ EOGM if the annual subscription for direct annual member in any State/ Local Branch exceeds Rs.250/-, but whether State branch/ Local branch affiliation fee is paid by a member or not, member's privileges remains the same, as far as Head Office is concerned. If Local affiliation fee is not paid a Member cannot take part in State Branch/ Local Branch activities. But a member can attend AGM/ EOGM; contest & vote in election conducted by the Head Office, State Branch & Local Branch.

    1. (a) It shall be open to the Association to revise the subscription from time to time
    2. All subscriptions are payable in advance on the first day of November every year.
    3. If the subscription of any member is in arrears, action may be taken as laid down in Rule 19B of this constitution.
    4. If a branch member leaves the area of his branch permanently and goes to another branch, he must clear all the dues of the previous branch and pay the subscription of the new branch for the remaining period of the Association year according to the rules of the new branch. On no account the new branch shall accept the intimation of transfer from any member unless he produces a clearance certificate from the previous branch showing that he had paid up al dues of the previous branch. The fact of transfer shall be notified by the branches to each other and to the Head Office through the State branch. In case of transfer, a fresh admission fee shall not be charges.
      If a branch member leaves a branch and goes to place where there is no branch, he shall enjoy the privileges of membership for the period for which the subscription has been paid. After that he shall cease to be a member unless he applies to be classified as a direct member to State/ Head Office.

    1. Hony. Member:
    2. Shall be proposed by at least Twenty five members of the Association or ten members of the Central Council, wherein the claims of the candidates for such honour shall be set forth by the proposers. The election shall take place at a meeting of the Central Council, voting being done by ballot. No discussion shall be permitted on the merits of the person proposed. The person shall be considered elected if 2/3 of the members present vote in his or her favour. Such members shall continue as Hony. Member for life.

    3. Annual Members/ Life members:-
      1. Membership of the Association & its Branches is not a matter of right to any one by one merely being a Dental Surgeon. Membership is on the basis of application in the prescribed form calling for relevant particulars about Registration; whether the applicant is involved in litigation with any Association. All applications received are to be submitted before the executive committee in case of branches; & before the Central Council in case of Head Office for approval.

        The decision of admission in either admitting or rejecting an application of membership by Branches/ Head Office is final & cannot be canvassed in any court of law as the association is a voluntary one & admissions are reserved.
      2. Dental Surgeons wishing to join as Member/ life Member shall fill-in the Application (Appendix-1) and sign the prescribed form and send it to the Honorary Secretary General in case of Direct Membership of Head Office, State Secretary in case of direct membership to state and local branch secretary for joining as a member of local branch as the case may be. The concerned Secretaries shall place the application in the next Central Council/ Executive Committee Meeting for discussion and admission. The Council/ Committee if decides to admit the applicant the Secretary will intimate the Dental Surgeon concerned, and request him to pay the subscription for the year/ life. After payment of subscription he shall be admitted as a member and his name shall be entered in the Register of Local Branch/ State Branch/ Head Office as the case may be, A member if admitted by a Local Branch he/ she automatically becomes member of the respective State Branch & Head Office.
      3. If the branch executive decides by 2/3 majority not to admit him/ her in the larger interest of the Branch, the application shall be rejected and the applicant intimated. The applicant may prefer an appeal to State Branch/ Head Office & the decision of C.C. shall be final.
      4. Dental Surgeons applying for admission through a State/ Local Branch shall fill-in and sign the application form in duplicate. The Local Branch shall forward two copies of the application to State Branch after admission and the State Branch shall forward one copy to Head Office for information
      5. For Affiliate members of H/O and for Student Members- Same procedure as laid down in this Section shall be adopted.

    1. All members shall be supplied with a copy of the constitution & journal of the Association, free.
    2. All members shall be supplied with a copy of all the publications of the Association, free or at such rates as the Central Council may fix from time to time.
    3. All members shall be entitled to the use of the library and the Association rooms, if any, set apart for the use of the members.
    4. All members shall have the right to attend and take part in discussions at all general meetings, lectures and demonstrations organised by the Association.
    5. Only annual and life members shall have the right to attend General Body Meetings/ EOGM & vote on all resolutions put forward, at the meeting.
    6. All members shall have the right to attend conferences organised by the Association on such terms as hereunder laid down by the Association
    7. All members shall enjoy any other privileges that may hereafter be conferred by the Central Council.
    8. Only annual and life members shall be eligible to contest or hold offices members of Executive Committee & representative to the Central Council or Rep of Local Branch to State Executive Committee, provided they are members in good standing.
    9. Annual/ Life and Affiliate Members shall be eligible to participate in the Dental Education Programme Organised by the CDE Wing.

    1. By resignation:
    2. A member wishing to resign his/ her membership may do so by tendering the resignation in writing to:
      1. The Honorary Secretary of the Local branch concerned, with copy to State & H.O.
      2. The Honorary State Secretary of the State branch concerned with copy to H/O (Direct members of the State branch) or
      3. The Honorary Secretary General (Direct members of the Head Office)

      His/ Her resignation shall take effect immediately and such member ipso facto ceases to be a member of the Local Branch. State branch and the Head Office. No such member shall be entitled to ask for any refund of the membership fees either in whole or part thereof.

    3. By Removal of name on account of Non-payment of subscription:
    4. If a member whose subscription is unpaid one month after the last date by 31st January, he shall be informed in writing that payment is due by the Hon. Secretary General in case of Direct Members. If the subscription still remains unpaid one month after sending the letter, the privileges of the member shall be with drawn. The subscription due for the next year by 1st November, if not paid before 31st January of next year, the name of such member shall be deleted from the rolls of Local/ State/ Head Office automatically. Example: Subscription of a member due on 1st November 1996 if it is unpaid, he gets the privilege up to 31st January 1997. Thereafter he becomes member in arrears looses all privileges. If the subscription due for the next year along with arrears remains unpaid by 31st January 1998, his/ her name is automatically deleted from the roles of Local / State/ Head Office register.

    5. By removal of name on the ground of undesirable conduct:
    6. If the conduct of any member shall be deemed by the Central Council or State Executive or Local branch Executive, prejudicial to the interest of the Association or calculated to bring the Dental Profession or the Association into disrepute in violation of the rules and regulations of the Association, of who is creating obstacles and hurdles in the working of the Association, he or she shall be asked to submit a written explanation of his or her conduct. In the event of the explanation being found unsatisfactory, the member may be asked either to apologise or resign from the Association. If the member is agreeable his/ her apology or resignation shall be accepted, in case of a branch member the matter shall be referred to the Central Council through the State Branch, giving details of the case for further reference. In the event of the said member refusing either to apologise or resign and extra-ordinary General Body Meeting of his parent branch shall be convened to consider the case and at least seven days notice in case of Local Branch, fourteen days notice in case of State Branch, twenty one days notice in case of Head Office shall be given to the member concerned and he or she shall be given an opportunity to explain his or her conduct. If at the meeting 60% of the total strength of members present and voting, record their votes for the removal of his/ her name from membership, the resolution shall be sent to the Central Council through the State Branch/ Head Office, only after receipt of the confirmation. Before the Central Council gives its final decision, the member shall have the right to appeal. In the meantime, he/ she shall be suspended from all the privileges of membership. In case of direct members, the same procedure shall be followed by the State and Head Office as the case may be.

    7. By Removal of Name for Want of Qualification:
    8. Any member who is not qualified but secured admission on misrepresentation such member shall automatically cease to be a member.

      If any member does not posses requisite qualification as per rule 10 to join as a member in a State/ Local or Head Office and if admitted by State/ Local Branches, the Central Council reserves power to enquire into and remove the member from the rolls of the Association Such information shall be brought to the notice of the Central Council and detailed enquiry will be conducted by the Honorary Secretary General regarding the member's qualification and the facts placed before the Central Council. If the Central Council so decides that the concerned member is not qualified to become a member of this Association, an explanation shall be called from the concerned member giving fifteen days time for reply. If the member prefers to appear before the Central Council and explain his case, he may be given an opportunity. After receiving the member's explanation or after hearing the member if Central Council is convinced that the member does not posses requisite qualifications to be admitted as member he/ she shall be removed from the rolls of State/ Local and Head Office forthwith and it shall be intimated to the member and the Local and State Branch. If the member does not respond to the letter sent by Head Office by Registered Post in due time before the last date mentioned in the letter decision of Central Council shall be final and binding on the member.

    9. Removal of Name for Forming Parallel Dental Association:
    10. If any member floats/ forms another Dental Association parallel to the Indian Dental Association at the regional or all India level, such member shall be removed from the membership of IDA. Any member of IDA joining the parallel Association also shall be removed from membership of the Association. This does not apply to speciality societies. While removing the procedure as laid in Sub Section C (By removal of name on the ground of undesirable conduct) shall be followed

  8. Members who have ceased to be members under Rule 19A and Rule 19 B can be re-admitted on fresh application being made by them subject to approval by executive Committee and on payment of any dues outstanding against them as on the date when they had ceased to be members.

    The Central Council shall however have the power to write off a part or whole of any outstanding dues against such members on the recommendation of the branches concerned, or in the case of direct members, on its own initiative. Members, whose names have been removed under 19(C & E) may be re-admitted subject to the decision & condition of the Central Council on the expiry of two years or thereafter provided their application for re-enrolment, if supported by ten members of the Association, testifying to their good conduct during the intervening period. But the member who has resigned under these clauses can be re-admitted on submitting a written apology acceptable to the Central Council & or on the recommendation of the State/ Local branch concerned by majority vote & He/ She shall be charged an admission fee as a new member. On all matters of Re-admission the decision of the Central Council is final.

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