1. NAME

  2. The name of the Association shall be "INDIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION"


  4. The objects of the Association are promotion, encouragement and advancement of the dental and allied sciences. Encourage the members to undertake measures for the improvement of public health and dental education in India.

    Maintenance of the dignity and honour of the dental profession and to protect the rights and interest of the members of Association and friendship, co-operation and co-existence among the members of the Association and implement well formulated schemes for the social security of members of the Association.

    For the attainment and for furtherance of the above objects, Association may:-

    1. Hold periodical meetings and conference for the members of the Association and for Dental profession in general.
    2. Publish and circulate a journal which shall be the official organ of the Association of a character specially adapted to the needs of the Dental profession in India and which shall undertake publicity and propaganda work of the Association through its columns.
    3. Maintain an Association office(s) as herein afterwards provided.
    4. Encourage the opening of libraries in H/O, State/ Local branches and procure other relevant materials books etc out of the funds of the Association/ Donation.
    5. Publish from time to time papers embodying dental researches conducted by members independently or under the auspieces of the Association.
    6. Encourage research and continuing Dental Education in dental and allied sciences with grants out of the funds of the Association, by establishment of scholarships, prize or awards and in such other manner as may from time to time be determined by the Association and maintain contact with National and International Associations having similar objectives.
    7. Conduct an educational campaign among the masses of India in the matter of oral hygiene by co-operating with different public bodies working with the similar objects.
    8. Consider and express views on all questions pertaining to the Indian Legislation affecting public health, Dental profession and Dental education and take such steps from time to time regarding the same, as shall be deemed expedient and necessary.
    9. To grant seal of acceptance of I.D.A. to oral health products with regard to safely, efficacy and quality in public interest
    10. To grant seal of acceptance of I.D.A. to dental instruments, equipments and materials, in the interest of profession.
    11. To represent the interest of Dental fraternity, plead and protect the rights and secure all benefits for its members and defend their rights.
    12. Do all such other things as are cognate to the objects of the Association or are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
    13. To safeguard the professional interest, social security and individual member as a consumer.
    14. All activities of the Association shall be carried in India. The benefits of the Association are open to all members irrespective of Caste, Religion and Sex etc.

  6. This constitution Bye-Laws & Ethics shall be followed by Head Office,State & Local Branches of IDA. No proposal for change of constitution at any meeting of the Central Council unless the proposed alteration has been circulated to the branches for opinion and unless due notice of it has been given in the agenda of the meeting of the Central Council. An amendment to the Constitution will be valid only when approved by two thirds majority of the members present and voting at the annual general body meeting or Extra ordinary general body meeting of the Association and shall come into effect immediately after it is passed, unless otherwise specified. Any change with regard to the amendments shall be informed to the Commissioner of Income Tax, for approval. No resolution for amendment to the Dentists Act, 1984 be forwarded to the Government of India unless approved at the annual general body meeting/ E.O.G.M. of the Association. Any resolution or amendment to the Dentists Act, 1948 having special reference to the States, may be forwarded by the State branch to the State Government only with the prior approval of the Central Council. When ever there is a dispute in interpretation of articles & Bye-laws of this constitution, the decision of the Central Council shall be final & binding on members & Branches.


  8. In this Constitution unless the context requires otherwise the following abbreviation shall mean:-
    1. "Association"/ IDA means the Indian Dental Association.
    2. "Members" means all classes of members.
    3. "Branches" means all State/ Local Branches.
    4. "Council"/ C.C. means Central Council of I.D.A.
    5. "Committee"/ E.C. means Executive Committee of State/ Local branches.
    6. "Direct members" means direct members to the Head Office.
    7. "H.S.G." means Honorary Secretary General.
    8. "H/O" means Head Office.
    9. "A.G.M." means Annual General Body Meeting.
    10. "E.O.G.M" means Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting.
    11. "C.D.H." means Council of Dental Education Health.
    12. "C.D.E." means Continuing Education Wing.
    13. "Term" mentioned in this Constitution means one completed term, which is from and of one year AGM to end of next year AGM in case of Head Office. In case of Branches, one completed term means it is from end of one year AGM to end of next year AGM or till 31st December which ever is earlier.

  10. The registered Head Office of the Association shall be in India where the Honorary Secretary, General resides/ practices. In the case of the State/ Local branches, the office shall remain the State/ District/ Two where the Honorary State Secretary resides/ practices. In the case of Local Branches with in the Local Branch area where the Branch Secretary resides/ practices.

  12. Head Office, State & Local Branches shall maintain, a register of members with Membership Number, Name, Qualification & Current Address, Pin code & Branch He/ She belongs to. There shall be a separate register for Life, Annual & other types of members.

  14. The year of the Indian Dental Association & its Branches shall be from 1st November to 31st October. For Financial purpose and for purpose of auditing it shall be from 1st April to 31st March, every year.

  16. The Jurisdiction of Head Office is the territory of Republic of India. State Branches are pertaining to the territory of States or Union Territories. Local Branch at the time of application of recognition should specify the area of operation of District/ Town. In one Municipal town there shall be One Local Branch. In one Municipal Corporation area apart from one state branch there may be more than one Local Branch if C.C. consider it necessary for the betterment of Association with area of operation well demarcated area wise; parliament constituency wise. All Local Branches in a State Branch in the State.

  18. 1) Account Books, Ledgers, Cash Books of Association shall be retained up to Eight Years. Beyond Eight Years, they may be destroyed. However, the Audited Balance Sheets of all years shall be retained by Head Office; State & Local Branch offices.

    2) Correspondence beyond five years may be destroyed at the discretion of Hony. Secretary General, annual general body & E.O.G.M. minutes, Central Council Minutes, attendance registers of Central Council/ A.G.M. & Membership Registers and important correspondence as per discretion of Hony. Secretary General shall be retained forever in Head Office. In case of State/ Local Branches, AGM/EOGM/ Executive committee minutes & attendance registers; membership register; shall be retained forever & correspondence shall be retained on the same line as above at the discretion of Hony. State/ Local Branch secretaries.

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