The Cochin branch of the IDA is an offspring & extension of the Cochin Dental Society which was founded by Dr. M K James on 24th June 1968. Dr. M K James, then working as chief Dental Surgeon at Lisie Hospital feeling the impact of the void & vaccum of professional social life among the handful of dentists in Ernakulam, proposed to form an association and sent letters to all known practicing dentists registered in Kochi area. The response was overwhelming.
The first meeting took place at International Hotel & the Cochin Dental Society was formed on 24th June 1968, with the objective of promoting professional interaction, updating the members on the latest in the world of dentistry & also to improve personal relations and relations among the families of members. The monthly subscription for members was Rs. Five which covered expenses for clinical meetings including high tea. After a few months it was reduced to Rupee one on the strong plea of some members & it was agreed upon as the funds were sufficient.
Clinical meetings of high standard were held regularly on the first Wednesday of every month on rotation in different private clinics & hospitals with occasional family gatherings.
This routine went on for eight years till the members agreed to dissolve the Cochin Dental Society and form a local branch of the Kerala State IDA. The Cochin branch of the IDA was formed on 1-11-1976 at Hotel Rajdhani (later named Mas Hotel) Ernakulam North. It was inaugurated by Dr. C R Bhat of Madras, then Hon. Gen. Secretary of IDA at the national level.
The following are the founder members:
1. Dr. Parrel J Maigiure (First President)
2. Dr. R N Shenoy (First Secretary)
3. Dr. M K James
4. Dr. Thampy Thomas
3. Dr. Mathew Chathurthy (Vice President)
6. Dr. K K Pathrose
7. Dr. C R Vijayasankaran
8. Dr. Joji Cherian
9. Dr. Surg. Comdr. E G Paul (Treasurer)
10. Mr. Narayanan (Regd. dentist)
Dr. Jacob Zachariah, Dr. V M Veerabahu & Dr. Bellie attended the first meeting as special invitees.
The annual subscription fee was fixed at Rs. 120/-. In 1977-78 the general body meeting decided to hold monthly general body meetings on the last Thursday of every month. It is a remarkable fact that from that month onwards, until today the routine has not been broken - a singular record for any branch in India.


Many of our members have had many achievements. Dr. M K James book `All about dental care` published by Vikas, New Delhi, is a pioneering work of its class. Dr. K G Nair adorned the chair of the IDA. Dr. C R Vijayasankaran, Dr. K L Baby, Dr. Raju Kurain Ninan & Dr. Thomas Philip were elected as National Vice Presidents of IDA. Dr. K L Baby, Dr. Sreekumar, Dr. V I Paul, Dr. Ram Mohan were honoured as best branch Secretaries of India. Dr. V I Paul bagged the best editor of India Award 5 times consecutively. Dr. J I Chacko served as Organising Secretary of the AOMSI National conference held at Cochin. Dr. M K James was the founder President of Kerala State branch of the IDA. Dr. C R Vijayasankaran, Dr. K L Baby, Dr. K K Pathorse, Dr. M K James, Dr. Raju Kurian Ninan, Dr. E G Paul & Dr. Thomas Philip have served as state presidents of IDA, Kerala State. Dr. C R Vijayasankaran, Dr. K L. Baby and Dr. V Ajikumar have served as Hon. Secretaries of IDA Kerala State. Dr. J I Chacko, Dr. R N Shenoy, Dr. Jacob Paul have served as Treasures of IDA Kerala State.
Dr. V I Paul was the Hon. Editor of Kerala Dental Journal for seven years. Dr. M K James served as Editor of Kerala Dental Journal. Dr. C R Vijayasankaran was the conference secretary of the IDA Annual Conference 2001 held at Ahemdabad and Dr. Joseph lssac was the organising secretary of the Indian Orthodontic Society Conference held at Cochin. Dr. C.R.Vijayasankaran was the COC Chairman and Dr. V.Ajikumar the Organising Secretary, of the National Conference of the IDA which was held at Kochi in Jan. 2003.
The IDA has always enjoyed a special relation with the IMA Kochi branch and have always had meetings in their building. Several joint cultural programs were also conducted, involving the families of the members of the IDA and IMA. An insurance scheme was also launched for the members of the IDA and IMA. Professional protection schemes were also launched by the QPMPA for the benefit of the members of the IDA and IMA.
The activities, regularity and decorum of our members have always been appreciated by our fellow branches and senior members at the national level. Our public awareness , school checkup and free dental treatment programs have benefited thousands of people in and around Kochi. IDA Kochi has been conducting a free dental clinic project for the past couple of years.
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