A new branch of Indian Dental Association was born on Sunday the 8th of October 1989 in the land of letters, lakesand latex, and it was appropriate to name it CENTRAL KERALA. The occasion was blessed with the presence of the national president of IDA-Dr.Ramakanth Venson.That evening witnessed the installation of Dr N.J.Philip as the Charter President and Dr.Jose Richard as the Hon. Secretary. It was a dream come true for the `VENAD DENTAL SOCIETY`-a group of Doctors who used to meet regularly right from the early eighties.
`Well Begun in Half Done`-From that point onwards there was no looking back. .Years rolled by and the baton of leadership was handed over to more and more efficient persons. The branch grew into amazing proportion in number and strength slowly and steadily. From about 30 members in 1989, Central Kerala is moving ahead as a big family with 204 members at present in 2007. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for all those who have spared their time and effort in leading the association to this height.
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