Indian Dental Association
Pathanamthitta Branch

During the years proceeding 1996, dental surgeon from this region were predominantly members of Central Kerala branch or Quilon branches, with a few others from distant branches. But a majority of them were dental surgeons who had no affiliation with IDA. Post 1996, even after the formation of Mavelikara branch, the above trend remained the same.
Active participation by the Dental surgeons from this region was not possible due to the distance and relationship between members. Hence a dream to set up a local unit of IDA remained a distant one till February 2001. The need for an IDA branch at the district head quarters had gained momentum only after the intervention of the then State IDA president, Dr. Thomas Philip.
During the summer of 2001, Dr. Thomas Philip put the suggestion to a group of dental surgeons attending a meeting at Mavelikara to form a local unit at Pathanamthitta as he used to believe in the term: �Vallarum Thorum Pillarum, Pillarum Thorum Vallarum.� He entrusted Dr. Oommen George and Dr. Sony Thomas to convene a meeting of dental surgeons in and around Pathanamthitta. Working on this suggestion, on 20.05.2001, Dr. Sony Thomas sent a letter to the then State IDA Hon Secretary Dr, Alias Thomas requesting for the formation of an IDA unit at Pathanamthitta. But the letter was sent back stating to include the support of existing IDA members in the list of minimum 30 dental surgeons required to form a new branch.
Then on 20.09.2001, Dr. Sony Thomas sent another letter consisting of
1. Proposed Office bearers of the new branch.
2. List of existing IDA members who support to form a new branch.
This is why during the inaugural ceremony did Dr. Sony Thomas say and I quote: �Today is a truly special occasion, special, because we have finally managed to achieve something which was thought to be impossible till a few weeks ago.�
List of existing IDA members were
1. Dr. Oommen George
2. Dr. Sony Thomas
3. Dr. Smitha Itty
4. Dr. Manoj Thomas
5. Dr. Gigu Zakariah Philip
6. Dr. Hema Rajesh
7. Dr. Philip T Mathew
8. Dr. Susan Joseph
9. Dr. Rajesh Sadasivan
10. Dr. Satyan S
11. Dr. Bindhu Satyan
12. Dr. Biju U Nair
13. Dr. Bright Dennis George
14. Dr. Binu Jacob
15. Dr. Deepthi P
16. Dr. Satheesh Kumar
17. Dr. Shalu David
18. Dr. Ajith Joseph
19. Dr. Manoj M Kumar
20. Dr. Pramod Roy D
21. Dr. Eugene Varghese Joseph
22. Dr. Rincy Thanckachen
23. Dr. Mathai John
24. Dr. Bindu Mathew
25. Dr. Samuel K Ninan
26. Dr. Rence Thampan
27. Dr. Abraham Varghese
28. Dr. Elizabeth Abraham
29. Dr. Prasad Thomas
30. Dr. Accamma Alex
31. Dr. Sathesh Sanker
32. Dr. Reji Thomas K
33. Dr. Annie Reji Thomas
34. Dr. Aju K Philip
35. Dr. Reji Abraham
36. Dr. Sumi Reji
In 2002 we bagged: Presidential award for membership growth
Dr. Ratan H Award for best dental surgeon below 30 years
In 2003 we bagged: Special recognization award for Promising Young Branch
Recognisation award for prompt reporting to local branch Secretary
In 2004 we bagged
Best branch of the year
Best Local Branch president at National Level
Best Branch president at State level
Best branch Secretary at state level
State President Appreciation Award for the best photo directory
Best Rural Activity for IDA Sabarimala project
Runner up prize for SSS & PPS.
, In 2005 we bagged
Thane Branch award for all round activities of the branch
IR Goela award for the best local branch Secretary
CS Raman runner�s up trophy for the best scientific programme
Best branch Runner up Award
Best branch Secretary at state Level
Best Branch President (Runner�s up) at State level
Runner�s up award for CDH activity
Runner�s up award for Journal
Runner�s up award for CDE activity.
In 2006 we bagged
IR Goela award for the best local branch Secretary
Dr. VM Veerabahu Runner-up Trophy for All round Activity (Local Branch)
Dr. Ratan H Award for best dental surgeon below 30 years
PPS Chairman Appreciation award for excellent conduct of PPS elections.
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