Welcome to Malabar branch

The dental fraternity of northern Kerala in the early 70s felt the need for greater interaction among themselves. The efforts and ideas put forth by members like Dr V.K. Kaleshan, Dr. Abraham Mathew, Dr. K.J. Alexander, late Dr. Harris, Dr. M.C. Mohan, Dr. M Jayarama, Dr. Alexander Korah, Dr.Kunjhai Dr. Joy Philip etc. materialized into the formation of the �Malabar Dental Circle�{MDC} on July the 27th 1979 with its headquarters at Calicut. Dr. Kaleshan and Dr. Varghese Mani were the president and the secretaries respectively. The MDC had members from Palghat, Malappuram, Wayanad, Cannanore, and Kazargode in addition to the members from Kozhikode district. The organization improved standardization and professionalism among the dentist in addition to providing a platform for better fellowship and closer acquaintance.
1983 saw the MDC getting a formal inauguration and hosting the state dental conference at IMA hall Calicut. Sri K.P. Kesava Menon was the guest of honour. MDC was later dissolved when it merged with the national mainstream organization, the IDA and the IDA Malabar was formed on the 5`th of November 1989. Again Dr.Kaleshan was the president and Dr. Ipe Varghese was the secretary. In 1994 IDA Malabar hosted its first state conference at Tagore hall Calicut.
Inception of new members and the geographic span saw breakaway groups forming new branches like the Palakkad, North Malabar (which again fragmented) and the latest, the Malappuram branch. In spite of the breakaways, IDA Malabar which is the senior most, still holds the maximum number of members. The wisdom of the senior members and the vigor of the new generation injected new life into the branch as it brought into reality to everyone�s admiration, the dream of having its own premises, the IDA hall, in Krishna Arcade, Asokapuram, Calicut.
The branch produced two state presidents, Dr. Joaquim Kunju, Dr. Joy Philip. Dr.Kunjamma Thomas, is the first lady president of any Branch. Dr. Joaquim Kunju, a former president to the state, whose heart yearned for all the dental fraternity, crafted the Social Security Scheme (SSS) for the benefit of the family of the deceased comrade.
The branch and its members have won many a place in peoples hearts than in record books, of which it is very proud of and it cherishes.
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